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Commercial Heat Treatment(CHT)-Job Work
Our Prompt service & teamwork commits to make a difference. A dedicated service team provides repeatable and consistent outcomes. We offer a earlier possible services to customer's.

We have excellent facilities for Induction heat treatment of wide variety of components for mass production as well as one-off basis.

Our strength is Induction through hardening, case hardening and annealing, and suitable equipment are available with us with a wide range of power source with medium and high frequency combinations. We have a dedicated lab for testing Micro Vicker hardness, Micro structure examination, Rockwell hardness and MPI, external third party testing can be provided on request.


Give New looks and life to old machines. We undertake retrofitting of our old machines as well as other make Machines with addition of new parts & technology, thereby increasing the efficiency / Output of the machines, at competitive market prices.


For the continuous monitoring and certification of induction heat treatment parameters, SAET has developed the use of Inducontrol Parameter Control System for the Process Certification.

Depending upon the type of heat treatment, the controlled parameters can be :

  • M.F. power
  • M.F. frequency
  • M.F. voltage
  • M.F. current
  • Heating time
  • Quenching fluid pressure,temperature and flow
  • Part surface temperature
  • And others

Induction heat treatment services offered by us

  • Hardening
  • Annealing
  • Brazing
  • Soldering
  • Shrink fitting

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